Pokémon GO: Why the Community Day Walrain is better than expected

There are specific reasons not to miss Pokémon GO's Community Day on January 16, 2022. But Seemops, the Pokémon that is the focus of the event, was not one of them until now. But that has changed in the short term. The developers have now published the values for the exclusive charge attack Ice Spear, which a Seemops developed to Walrain will learn during the Community Day - and Ice Spear is quite something.

Walrain with Ice Spear: The best ice mon in PvP?

While it was previously unclear how much energy it would cost to use Ice Spear, it is now clear that the value is a slim 35 energy, the lowest value for a charge attack in Pokémon GO PvP. According to the editors of Pokemongohub, this makes Ice Spear the same as the pre-nerf version of Meteorologist. What this means for the role of Walrain in PvP can be seen in the ranking of the best mon in all leagues at PvPPoke:

  • Superleague: Walrain (normal) lands on 5th place, Walrain (shadow) on 4th place.
  • Hyperleague: Walrain (normal) lands on 5th place, Walrain (shadow) on 4th place.
  • Master league: Walrain (normal) lands on rank 15, Walrain (shadow) on rank 26.

The normal Walrain, which you can evolve during Community Day, is now one of the absolute top Pokémon in Pokémon GO PvP. Its performance is ahead of all other Ice Pokémon in the Super and Hyper Leagues, while only Mamutel does better in the Master League.

(Wal)rein into the battle league!

This is also due to the fact that Ice Spear, with a base power of 60 and 35 Energy, has a DPE value of 1.71, placing it in a shared 3rd place among the most efficient PvP attacks (on par with Bodyslam and Sanctoklinge). Accordingly, Ice Spear is by far one of the best attacks in Pokémon GO's PvP.

Although Walrain only reaches around 2700 CP at level 40 and around 3000 CP at level 50 in the Master League, its win rate against many popular PvP mon of the current meta is unusually high thanks to Ice Spear. Around 64 percent wins are possible in 2v2 of the Master League, with Walrain even beating top contenders like Heatran. The win rate is even higher in Super and Hyper League, reaching up to 87 percent.

All in all, Walrain is a worthwhile alternative to Lapras that Pokémon GO PvP fans should definitely not miss. So if you have the opportunity to evolve a Sea Pug into Walrain during Community Day on January 16, 2022, you should definitely do so - even if Walrain still only remains solidly mediocre with Ice Spear in PvE.

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