5 years of Pokémon Go: Happy Birthday

When Pokémon Go saw the "light" of day in July 2016, the AR game from developer studio Niantic, which never really had a breakthrough with Ingress, was the absolute summer hit of the year. Almost every fan of the little pocket monsters downloaded the app onto their smartphone - and many more at that! The release of Pokémon Go went around the world like a shock wave and caused sometimes tumultuous conditions.

Five years later, in 2021, Pokémon Go's popularity may not be as groundbreaking, but what started out a bit shirtless in 2016 is now a well-oiled machine that brings joy to players and cash to developers. To see what all has happened to the game in five years of Pokémon Go, check out the short birthday trailer.

Pokémon Go's 5th birthday

If you want to celebrate the anniversary with other PoGo fans, log on until July 15, 2021 to participate in the anniversary event. You can expect lots of starter spawns of all generations, Shiny Flampion and Shiny Meltan (through the Wonder Box), Pikachu on the 5-year balloon, and more.

If you haven't gotten the special research to power through in 2019 or 2020 for Pokémon Go's birthday because, say, he or she hasn't played yet, you'll get it now. Also of interest: a collector's challenge for the 5th birthday rewards you with special candies and lots of Pokéballs. Information about the activities around the birthday of Pokémon Go can be found on in the guide to the anniversary event.