144Hz monitors and their usefulness

The choice of monitors on the market is undoubtedly very wide. Manufacturers of this equipment are trying to attract customers in a variety of ways. Currently we can see a trend in which more and more often they try to "impress" the customer with a detailed technical specification.This makes buying a new monitor we can learn about its many technical parameters. While some of them do not really matter to the average user, others are worth paying special attention to.

The most important of these may include the refresh rate of the monitor. It is good to know what it actually means and whether it is worth investing in a monitor with the highest possible refresh rate. Currently a kind of standard is 144 Hz, but there are many conflicting opinions on whether it is really needed by a standard user.

Refresh rate - what is it?

In short, the refresh rate is a parameter that determines the number of images a monitor is able to display per second. The frequency is usually expressed in Hertz. On the market there are, of course, models of monitors with various frequencies. It is accepted that the absolute minimum available in stores is 24 K/s, while a certain standard is 60 K/s. The question arises whether a higher frequency is at all noticeable to the human eye. As research shows, we need at least 30 K/s for our eye to recognize something as smooth movement without stuttering. Other studies say that above 300 K/s our eye sees no difference at all and this is the maximum for us.

gaming monitor

Which solution to choose?

The question about the optimal frequency is asked first of all by gamers. It is important for them that even with the rapid action taking place on the screen the picture should be smooth and without any interference. However, there is no consensus on what value is best for gamers. Especially in action games the number of FPS is variable and depends not only on the game, but also on the power of the computer or console itself. It turns out that 144 Hz makes sense mainly for professional gamers. For the casual gamer, values around 70 Hz already give excellent results.

It is commonly believed that 144Hz is the peak of dreams nowadays. Nothing of course stands in the way of buying such a monitor. You just need to remember how important is the computer itself. For such a good monitor we will need a really powerful hardware. Otherwise it will not be able to generate an adequate image and simply we will not use all the possibilities of our monitor.