Pokémon Go in December: Season of "Heritage" hinted - oho!

It's November 30, 2021 and all we got is this lousy teaser. Well, at least ^^ On December 1, 2021, the season of "Heritage" will start in Pokémon Go, as the developers at Niantic teased via Twitter.

Update from 03 December 2021: Here is all the information on the season of origin in Pokémon Go.

Exact details of what awaits you in the context of it, there will probably be only on the evening of 30.11.2021 or even on December 1, 2021 itself.

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Heritage could be translated into German as Erbe or Kulturerbe. In the short video teaser itself, you can see a snowy mountain peak as well as flying leaves and some trees and a building. What could this mean?

December 2021 in Pokémon Go in Johto?

Of course, fans are already busy speculating which mountain could be seen in the teaser. The authors of Pokémon Go Hub are undecided. It could be the crater mountain (Mt. Coronet) from the Sinnoh region. Or it could be a teaser for a season that revolves around Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which will be released soon anyway.

Others think that the mountain could be Mt. Silver and the building next to it could be the Bell Tower (aka Tin Tower) in Teak City. In addition, the music of the teaser sounds a bit like chimes. These are located in Johto and that is where the legendary Ho-Oh is located.

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Oh ho! Ho-Oh?! And Johto?!

Those of you Pokémon Go fans who have been reading carefully on the Internet over the past few days will have stumbled across speculation that there could be a Johto Tour in February 2022

. If the teaser for the Season of Heritage really shows Silver Mountain and Bell Tower, then ... yes then!

Then, of course, that would be another hint at a Johto Tour. After all, the Season of Heritage ends at the end of February 2022 - so wouldn't it be extremely fitting to spend a weekend celebrating the pocket monsters from Johto? What do you think?

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