Pokémon Go: Giovanni is coming back - with Lugia?!

It's already known that those among Pokémon Go players who complete the Misunderstood Mischief special research will be rewarded with an event and an associated special research at the end of the Mischief season, which is the end of November 2021. And the theme for it has already been revealed as well: Team Rocket.

So it can actually be assumed that at least Sierra, Arlo and Cliff will play a role. And we can also expect the return of Giovanni, who hasn't been seen in Pokémon Go for a while. Dataminers have now found relevant clues. And apparently Giovanni will return with a Crypto Pokémon that has not yet been seen.

Update from November 9, 2021: Yes, Giovanni is teaming up with Lugia - here are our tips if you want to defeat Lugia!

Crypto-Lugia - finally?

The fans of Pokémon Go hope that Giovanni will go into battle against you with Lugia - this would also be the first time that he had Lugia with him. The following text from Professor Willow as part of special research was found in the data by the folks at PokéMiners:

"We also learned that Giovanni turned another Legendary Pokémon into a Crypto Pokémon! The team leaders and I will do what we can, but we need your help to defeat Giovanni, rescue the Legendary Crypto Pokémon, and get Hoopa to safety."

So, what is certain is that Giovanni will definitely not bring a Crypto Tauboss or anything like that.

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Unleashed Hoopa

In the context of Misunderstood Pranks, you could already discover Hoopa in the banished form quite early. Since the event at the end of November 2021 will apparently still revolve around Hoopa, anything else would be cheese, there is apparently also the possibility of encountering an unleashed Hoopa, according to the text lines found.

"I shudder to think that Giovanni might have been lurking in the shadows behind us all this time to reap the rewards of our research. He was making plans while we were studying Hoopa.... We have no time to waste - we must stop them! Unleashed Hoopa is incredibly powerful, and I have no doubt that Giovanni intends to use it for some sinister purpose."

So you know where the journey will go! Are you excited to have a chance at the mighty unleashed Hoopa?

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