Pokémon Go: Will a regional challenge bring chances for true exotics?

Actually, the folks at Pokéminers haven't found much in the way of Pokémon Go data; according to them, relatively little has happened with updates from Niantic in recent weeks. However, there's evidence of an event revolving around a catch challenge from Regionals. Will there finally be a chance to catch regional exotics such as Tropius and Plaudagei, for example, via Temporary Research?

Regional catch challenge incoming?

The data the folks at Pokéminers have ferreted out doesn't reveal much. The lines of code are limited to the following:

RESOURCE ID: regional_catch_challenge_event_nameTEXT
: Regional Catch Challenge

RESOURCE ID: regional_catch_challenge_reward_event_nameTEXT
: Regional Catch Challenge RewardsRESOURCE

ID: today_view_catch_competitionTEXT

Regional Catch



the regional catch challenge is tracked in the Today tab, so it's not unlikely that there's some Temporary Research associated with it. Perhaps much more interesting instead of the facts, however, are the possible thought processes surrounding a Regional Challenge.

One can still dream, right?

The essence of a Pokémon being a Regional, of course, is that it's only discoverable in limited regions of our world - and even there, they're not a dime a dozen. There are now so many different Regionals in Pokémon Go that it can't even be counted on four hands. That's why there have been several events in Pokémon Go in the past that have allowed trainers who aren't in the US or Canada to get their hands on a Tauros, for example. Or non-Australians to a Kangama.

However, I think it's time to put aside the usual regionals that appear at such events and make the real exotics accessible for maybe two weeks a year


For example Qurtel, which can only be found in certain regions of the Far East. Tropius, which can be banished to a Pokéball in the Middle East and Africa. Relicanth, which can only be found in New Zealand and Oceania. Pachirisu, which has made itself at home in Arctic regions, meaning it can be found in parts of Canada, Alaska, and Russia. Plaudagei, which is only found in the Southern Hemisphere. Venuflibis, which is only found in the southeastern United States, or Bisofank, which only lives in the area around New York. Maracamba and Skaraborn, which only hang out in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Symvolara only dwells in Egypt and Greece. Clavion only in France.

So that we get the chance to complete our collection in times of a worldwide pandemic - because even today it's still not really possible to get to every country without any problems, not to mention the costs - a regional catching challenge combined with maybe not so trivial tasks of a limited research would actually be ideal to bring one or the other exotic into the collection of us Central Europeans sitting at home. Please dear developers from Niantic, do this for once!

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