Pokémon GO: Fashion Week challengers - here's how to find and fight them

Pokémon Go is currently hosting Fashion Week, where you have the chance to catch special Pokémon in their Fashion form and unlock a Coiffwaff wig for your avatar via a limited time research. For some of these field researches, you'll have to compete against Fashion challengers to complete the task. But what are they and where can you find them?

What Pokémon do the Fashion Week challengers use?

Fashion Challengers, much like Tema Rocket bullies, can be found randomly at Pokéstops. Once you use the hub, you'll be challenged. Then it's off to battle 3vs3. In total, there are five different Fashion Challengers with different team compositions. Below you can see what Pokémon each trainer is using.

  • Eccentric challenger: Coiffwaff, Alola Georok, Elezeba
  • Quirky challenger: Coiffwaff, Rutena, Sheinux
  • Cool challenger: Coiffwaff, Sniebel, Morbitesse
  • Sassy challenger: Coiffwaff, Smettbo, Aquana
  • Smart challenger: Coiffwaff, Glibunkel, Barrikadax

Every challenger uses Coiffwaff. This Pokémon always starts at the beginning and is of Normal type. So make sure your team composition starts with the ideal counter Pokémon for Coiffwaff - for example, a Pokémon with Battle or Psycho attacks. The rest of the Fashion challenger mon aren't particularly strong. If you manage Rocket bully, you won't have any problems with these new trainers either.

Do fights against fashion challengers do anything?

The rewards after defeating a Fashion challenger are similar to Rocket bullies. Aside from a few potions or a vivifier, there's not much to be had here. If you don't need to defeat Fashion challengers for the temporary field research, you can also press the X at the bottom when turning the Pokéstop and exit the battle directly. Keep in mind that you only have until September 28 to complete the limited Fashion Week field research.


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