Pokémon GO: New arenas everywhere? Players are confused

Since October 30, 2021, something is happening in Pokémon GO, more precisely, on the map of the mobile app. Because as numerous players report on Reddit, among other places, new arenas keep popping up in the area. This apparently does not apply to every region in the world, but in some areas, up to 40 new arenas appeared within a very short time after a map synchronization.

New arenas do not adhere to S2 cell rule.

Because Niantic has not commented on this so far, fans are currently eagerly discussing the cause of this sudden change. The fact that the locations of the arenas do not follow the normal distribution scheme causes additional confusion. This is because normally the developers use a clear rule for the positioning of new arenas, the so-called "S2 cells".

Arenas can appear in Pokémon GO according to the following principle:

  • The map of Pokémon GO is divided into individual segments, the cells.
  • Depending on how many Pokéstops are in a cell, arenas can exist in the same cell.
  • Two stops in a cell warrant an arena.
  • Six points of interests (including Pokéstops and arenas) allow for one more arena.
  • At 20 points of interests, there may be a third arena.

However, the arenas that have now appeared completely unexpectedly since October 30, 2021, do not adhere to these rules. Players report that arenas are also appearing where there aren't even enough Pokéstops according to the S2 cell scheme.

Fans are therefore still holding back on their excitement about the new arenas. Some Reddit users also suspect that it could be a massive bug and that the developers will soon remove the additional arenas. In any case, we'll wait until Niantic makes an official statement about this. As soon as we have new information on this topic, we will inform you promptly.

In the meantime, tell us: Have you noticed any new arenas in your area? Write it down in the comments!


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