Pokémon Go: The Pokémon about field research in August 2021

Field Research is a great way to get Pokémon in Pokémon Go that you may not have in your collection yet. You can also get Shiny Pokémon by redeeming certain Field Explorations; that is, of course, if you're lucky. And every now and then you can acquire potent fighters for PvE and PvP, this time some Dragon Mon or even Squeak and Trasla, which can be evolved into powerful counters. And what is also available via field research are mega energies for mega evolutions.

Dratini, Kaumalat, Kindwurm

Recommended for meta players are the dragons (or evolved dragons) Dratini, Kaumalat, and Kindwurm, among others. Due to the fact that Dragon Pokémon only take effective damage from other Dragons, you should always have a few on hand. Even the non-legendary dragons Dragoran (from Dratini), Trikephalo (from Kaumalat), and Brutalanda (from Kindwurm) make great Arena and Raid fighters.

Also, if you're looking to stock up on more all-around meta Pokémon, pick up the Field Evolutions, which will reward you with an encounter with Trasla or Squeak. Also, the starters are always worthwhile to collect bonbons for a Mega Community Day when the starter evolutions may come back into play with very strong attacks like Lohe Cannonade (Fire), Aqua Howitzer (Water), and Flora Statue (Plant). Candy is always needed, and you can never have enough of it!

ResearchRewardChance of Shiny
Catch 5 Pokémon with Weather BoostQuapsel (Water), Hippopotas (Ground), Shnebedeck (Ice/Plant), Felino (Water), or Vulpix (Fire)Yes
Capture a Dragon-Type PokémonDratini (Dragon) or Kindwurm (Dragon)Yes
Catch 3 PokémonSmall Stone (Rock/Soil) or Alola Small Stone (Rock/Electric)No
Catch 7 PokémonKarpador (Water)Yes
Evolve a PokémonEvoli (Normal)Yes
Land 3 great rollsSnubbull (Fairy), Anorith (Rock/Bug), or Liliep (Rock/Plant)Yes
Land 3 fabulous rolls in a rowKaumalat (Dragon/Ground)Yes
Land 3 great rolls in a rowOnix (Rock/Ground)Yes
Land 5 great curveballs in a rowSpinda (Normal)Yes
Land 5 good throwsDummisel (Normal)Yes
Level Pokémon 3 timesBisasam (Plant/Poison), Schiggy (Water) or Glumanda (Fire)Yes
Level Pokémon 5 timesEndive (Plant), Feurigel (Fire) or Karnimani (Water)Yes
Level Pokémon 7 timesGeckarbor (Plant), Flemmli (Fire) or Hydropi (Water)Yes
Level Pokémon 5 timesMega Energy for Bisaflor, Turtok or Glurak
Level Pokémon 5 timesMega Energy for Tauboss or Bibor
Level Pokémon 10 timesMega Energy for Dogemon
Send 3 giftsRoselia (Plant/Poison)Yes
Trade a PokémonBarschwa (Water)Yes
Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket bulliesPionskora (Poison/Bug)Yes
Win 2 RaidsRelaxo (Normal)Yes
Win 1 level 3 raid or higherKabuto or Amonitas (both rock/water) Yes
Win 5 raidsAerodactyl (Rock/Flight)Yes
Earn 5 hearts with your buddyPiepi (Fairy)Yes
Fight in the Battle LeagueQuaputzi (Water)No
Take 2 snapshots of a wild Rock PokémonPebble (Rock)Yes
Take a snapshot of a wild PokémonKramurx (Unlight/Flight), Hobsprout (Plant/Flight), or Yanma (Beetle/Flight)Yes (except Hobsprout)
Earn 2 candies while walkingScoppel (Normal)Yes
Earn 3 candies when walkingFlunschlik (Ground/Electric) or Trasla (Psycho/Fairy)No/Yes
Use 10 very effective charge attacksMega Energy for Glurak
Rotate 3 PokéStops or arenasMogelbaum (Rock)Yes
Rotate 5 PokéStops or arenasRihorn (Rock/Floor) or Trasla (Psycho/Fairy)Yes
Hatch 1 eggSqueak (Ice/Ground)Yes
Hatch 2 eggsTanhel (Steel/Psycho)Yes

We hope you enjoy the hunt!

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