Computer games on the phone? New opportunities for gamers

Remotr streams a game from a computer to a mobile device while maintaining high video quality. The company plans to use the technology to support small and medium-sized companies - For this purpose, it received 50,000 euros of funding from the European Commission.

Play where you want

Remotr allows you to stream games from your computer to all Android or iOS devices, TVs and smart TVs (using a media streamer). All a player needs is an installed app and access to the internet (wi-fi, 3G, LTE).

Remotr works at the GPU level, so streaming is faster and graphics quality is high.

"We wanted to change the current way of gaming. To make everyone have access to their favorite computer games whenever they want, while guaranteeing them a similar experience as playing on a computer" - explains Radoslaw Zawartko, co-founder and CTO of RemoteMyApp.

During streaming, audio and video are sent to mobile devices in real time and players control the game using mouse, gestures or voice commands. Remotr stands out from the available solutions such as Nvidia Shield in that it works with all types of video cards. Razer™, the world leader in gaming hardware and software, also recognized the potential of the application: the company bundled Remotr with its Razer Forge TV microconsole.

To use Remotr, you need to install the application both on a computer (Windows 7 or higher) and on a mobile device of your choice. Your computer must remain powered on while playing.

From games to business

RemoteMyApp decided to develop the solution also in other directions - it created a platform for small and medium businesses based on the same streaming technology (RemotS and RemotB2B). The new solution will also enable streaming from the cloud. The project was recognized by the European Commission, which awarded the company a grant from the SME Instrument (under Horizon 2020), which supports the most innovative European SMEs.

"Competition within the SME Instrument is very high, especially in ICT-related topics. In last year's September competition only 3 Polish projects received grants in phase one, and RemoteMyApp was the only Polish project in ICT." - says Alicja Grzegorzek, SME Instrument expert from Ateknea Solutions. - "It may come as a surprise that the European Commission appreciated a project from the gaming area. But this technology has a good chance to increase the competitive advantage of small and medium-sized companies."

RemotS will support SMEs in a variety of business activities, for example communication, organizing meetings, managing payments - by providing a suite of tools like business and graphics applications.

"While working on Remotr we came up with the idea of creating an application for small and medium-sized companies. We want to provide them with a suite of tools that they would probably never use if they had to pay a full subscription. Thanks to Remotr fees will reflect actual usage of tools, so small and medium companies will not overpay. The grant we received will help bring this application to market faster." - Radosław Zawartko explains.

The second tool - RemotB2B - will allow to create applications without knowing the rules of programming. All these tools will be available as a single package. Small and medium-sized companies will pay only for the time of actual use of individual applications. Taking into account the usually high prices of software, the authors of the solution predict that the proposed solution will increase the use of professional tools by SMEs.


RemoteMyApp Sp z.o.o. is a spin-off of Red Sky, a company founded in Poland in October 2014 by Radek Zawartko and Rafał Krochmal, who were soon joined by Avi Kaye. The company's main product is a streaming solution called Remotr, with which you can provide streaming of any data from your desktop (or cloud) to any other device or platform.

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