Pokémon GO: Pokéstop submissions temporarily paused due to bug

Have you tried to suggest a new Pokéstop in Pokémon GO over the past few days and the app crashed on your smartphone? If so, you're not alone with this problem. Players have been reporting this bug for quite some time, and it's apparently been causing trouble within the community for months. Now, however, the developers have spoken out about it and announced: The feature will be disabled for now.

Submitting Pokéstops - A long tale of woe

The developers write on the official website of the Wayfarer program:

"Pokéstop nominations will be suspended for one week while we perform some maintenance on the feature. We hope this break won't take the entire week, and we'll let you know as soon as nominations are live again.


So fans will likely have to do without the Pokéstop nominations feature in Pokémon GO until August 18, 2021


Incidentally, the ability to suggest new locations for Pokéstops in Pokémon GO wasn't under too good a star before. That's because the developers had disabled the feature for a long time shortly after the app's release and stopped accepting new submissions. There was a beta in 2018

, but it was only limited to a few regions of the world and not available in Germany. The only option for trainers in this country was a detour via Niantic's game Ingress.

It wasn't until the summer of 2019 that the developers finally reintroduced a suggestion option in Pokémon GO, which was first unlocked for players level 40 and above and later for level 38


However, the system had not been running smoothly (anymore) for quite some time, as numerous comments on social media indicate. The fact that Niantic is pausing the submission of Pokéstops to investigate the problem is therefore richly late. However, we hope that the developers will fix the bug quickly and that trainers will be able to use the feature as usual again as soon as possible. We'll be sure to keep you posted on this and let you know as soon as you can submit new Pokéstop suggestions again.


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