Pokémon Go: Purple Beauty in research breakthrough in May 2021

Rejoice, fans of Pokémon Go and especially pretty pocket monsters, because in May 2021 you will receive a beauty from the reward box of a completed research breakthrough: Galar Ponita, which you can of course evolve into Galar Gallopa. While Galar Ponita doesn't have a lot of PvE potential now, it is popular in the Battle League. And it's admittedly pretty fancy to look at - and also not particularly common to get in Pokémon Go.

Galar Ponita - Purple Beauty

Galar Ponita has been in the game since October 2020, coming into the game at the same time as Galar Porenta and Leekcelot. However, you can find Galar Ponita rather rarely at the moment: If you're lucky, the pocket monster can be hatched from a 7km egg that you can get from gifts from friends. So if RNGesus hasn't really been kind to you in this case so far, you'll get Galar Ponita from the research breakthrough in May 2021. To do this, all you have to do is complete a field research on seven different days, as usual, and collect the stamps for it to grab the research breakthrough box.

Remember, you won't get Galar Ponita from the research breakthrough reward encounter until you open the reward crate from 22:00 on May 1, 2021. Before that, you will still get the April Pokémon Quabbel from the crate. Galar Ponita will remain in the reward box until June 1, 2021 at 22:00.

Also, if you're interested in current events in Pokémon Go, check out the Snap Celebration event. It's active until May 2, 2021, and rewards you with all sorts of XP and Pokémon for completing Temporary Research.