Pokémon Go: One lock module box, different prices - WTF, what is this?

Pokémon Go players have stumbled upon something very strange in the store of the pocket monster collecting game, denouncing what seems to be a blatant and absolutely incomprehensible injustice. What is the confusion and the seemingly upcoming spat with the developers about?

In the store of Pokémon Go, a lock module box is currently (as of 8.12.2021) offered. This contains a rain lock module, a magnetic lock module, a moss lock module and a glacier lock module. So far, so easy to understand. But let's get to the price... then we can't possibly tell you how expensive this lock module box is for you, because the price seems to range from 350 to 700 Pokécoins depending on your PoGo account.

How? Huh? Ranking?

Apparently, not all Pokémon Go players pay the same price for the lure module box. For example, the authors of Pokémon Go Hub have collected reports from trainers whose accounts did not really differ starkly in terms of age and investment. One pays 350, another 500, one 700, and sorry, that's really "WTF?!"

We checked for ourselves, two different accounts in the same household, both about the same age, both spending money on Pokécoins rather infrequently, one running Android, the other running iOS. The Android account is supposed to pay 400 Pokécoins for the Lock Module box, the iOS account a whopping 700. Is that fair?

The different prices Source: buffed Lock Module Box Price 1 Source: buffed Lockmodul-Box Price 2

What makes the difference?

Players are puzzling over what could be the decisive criterion for whether you get the lower or the higher price for the Lock Module Box displayed ... and are haphazard. Various theories are doing the rounds: age of account, how much money you spend on Pokémon Go, how often you play, how many Pokécoins you currently have, how many medals you have collected.

In comparison, however, none of these theories seemed to hold water. Players who spend a lot of money on Pokémon Go are quoted the same price as trainers who play Pokémon Go Free2Play. Some players have managed to reach out to Niantic's in-game support, according to the Pokémon Go Hub folks, but the automated response doesn't give much more than "we're testing new features and working to improve the game experience" and that in doing so "some players may have slightly different experiences." Ehm ... OK!

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Is this some weird new level rip off?

Of course, players are left with the idea that the folks at Niantic are just trying to take money out of some people's pockets. That they're deciding, based on unseen data points, or simply drawing lots to see who should put down more or less Pokécoins for a box full of Lock Modules. In the case of this offering, that's kind of still ... Not urgent, at least in my eyes. Because lure modules aren't the absolute hottest stuff in Pokémon Go now.

But what if at some point it's about the next Community Day event ticket, a really fat adventure box, or the ticket for the next region tour (ehem, *cough*)? What if the prizes are then rolled out? After the people at Niantic have already shown little delicacy in pricing events for South American fans, for example, such a prize lottery is definitely within the realm of possibility for me - and I can't condone it.

So, what should you pay for the lock module box?

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