Pokémon Go: No, your buddy didn't disappear into thin air

The developers of Pokémon Go are reassuring players of the AR app that should you have brought your buddy to play on the overworld map and evolve him, then it's entirely possible that he won't show up until you restart the app. So before you panic that your buddy has disappeared, just quickly restart the game and your bestie should reappear. That being said, there are currently all sorts of issues that the folks at Niantic are looking into. Below is a brief overview of the current known issues.

Known issues in Pokémon Go in August 2021

Buddy Pokémon may disappear from the overworld map after evolving until the app is restarted.
Issue Description:Trainers may see their buddy disappear from the map after evolving.
Status of Issue: Under investigationWorkaround
In the
meantime, if the Trainer closes and reopens their app, their buddy will reappear

For Pokémon with an evolution that requires walking, it looks like the collected distance has been reset.
Problem Description: A Pokémon whose evolution requires the Trainer to walk a certain distance with the Pokémon will look like its previous distance to complete that task has been reset if the Pokémon is not currently the Trainer's Buddy. However, as soon as a trainer uses the Pokémon as a buddy again, the collected distance will be displayed. This is a side effect of a visual improvement to the run distance requirement for evolutions.
Issue Status: Resolved when a Trainer re-buds the Pokémon.

Trainers' daily PokéStop turns are counted when they attempt to turn a PokéStop, even if their item bag is full.
Description of Issue: Trainers cannot successfully complete their seven-day Daily PokéStop turn series if their Item Bag is full, but their turn series is marked as complete.
Issue Status: Fixed in the upcoming release (0.217).

Costumed Raid Boss Pokémon lose their costume when caught after the end of a special event.
Issue Description: A costumed Raid Boss during a special event loses its costume if caught after the event ends, even if the Raid battle occurs near the end of the event. For GO Fest trainers who fight near the end of each day, please note that GO Fest ends at 6 p.m. local time on July 17 and 18.
Status of issue: Under investigation

Costumed Pokemon from certain events may not be displaying properly in the Pokédex.
Problem Description: Some costumed Pokemon, such as Galar Zigzachs and Galar Ponita, may load as a white ball of light when trying to view them in the Pokédex.
Status of issue: Under investigation

Pokémon GO: Thank you video for Pokémon GO Fest 2021 Pokémon GO

Trainers may receive the wrong dialogue from Professor Willow during Special Research.
Problem Description: If you have an open choice from a previous Special Research and choose a new Special Research, you will receive the dialogue from the previous Special Research. However, this is only visual and you will receive the correct rewards from the current special research.
Problem Status: Under Investigation. If you encounter this problem and want to see what Professor Willow said, you can click on the Professor Willow icon for that Special Research to revisit his dialogue.

A weather effect flashes on Trainers using certain Samsung devices.
Description of Issue: On certain Samsung devices, particularly those outside of the United States, Trainers may see a brief flash caused by weather effects in the map view.
Issue Status: Mitigated at release by removing certain map effects. Fixed in an upcoming release (0.217).

In-app purchases can take up to 72 hours to appear in a trainer's inventory.
Issue Description: A small percentage of Trainers may take up to 72 hours for the item to appear in their item bag after an in-app purchase.
Issue Status: The issue was fixed in (0.213) and we are continuing to investigate the cause. If you have not received your item after more than 72 hours, or if you are unable to access an event due to this issue, please contact Support with your purchase receipt including the order number and email address matching your Pokémon GO account.

Pokémon appear in all forms in the Pokédex when only one form has been caught.
Description of Issue: When a Trainer catches a Pokémon, all forms of that Pokémon appear in the Pokédex, even if the Trainer has not yet caught the alternate forms of that Pokémon.
Status of issue: Fixed in upcoming release (0.219)

Action codes from the "We missed you, Trainer" email cannot be redeemed.
Description of Issue: When coaches try to redeem the promotion code from the "We missed you, coach" email, they receive the warning "Code must contain at least 13 characters" and are unable to redeem the code.
Status of the issue: the issue is being investigated. Please contact Niantic Support with a screenshot of the redemption page and your Trainer name associated with the code if you are experiencing this issue.

If you navigate to a Mega Pokémon's Pokédex entry, the Bisaflor entry will be displayed.
Description of Issue: When a Trainer mega-evolves one of their Pokémon and attempts to navigate to that mega-evolved Pokémon's Pokédex entry, the Pokédex entry for Bisaflor is displayed instead.
Status of Issue: Under Investigation

Sorting the online status on the Friends page is not working.
Description of Issue: When using the "Online" sort option on the Friends page, friends who are currently online are not being placed at the top of the page. Coaches can still see which friends are online, but they are not sorted.
Status of Issue: Under Investigation

Trainers are experiencing recurring issues with Adventure Sync on iOS devices.
Issue Description: Trainers may be having issues enabling or disabling Adventure Sync, or inaccurate distance measurement.
Status of issue: Under investigation

Trainers receive an "ERROR_GIFT_DOES_NOT_EXIST" message when attempting to open a gift from a friend.
Problem Description: Sometimes when a Trainer selects a gift they received from a friend, the gift disappears and they receive an "ERROR_GIFT_DOES_NOT_EXIST" message. The gift then disappears from the inventory and the items are not received.
Status of the problem: Under investigation

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