Pokémon GO: Niantic promises compensation for Galar Lashoking

Imagine playing Pokémon GO and learning that as part of the Halloween festivities, you get to evolve your Galar Flegmon into Galar Lashoking. All you have to do is make Galar Flegmon your buddy and catch 30 Psycho-type Pokémon. But when you trigger the evolution, you don't get a Galar Lashoking as expected. Instead, you get Lahmus grinning at you out of blinky eyes.

Lahmus instead of lashoking?!

This is exactly what has happened to numerous players in Pokémon GO over the past few days. The frustration about this experience was expressed in a tweet from Niantic support, in which the developers announced an investigation into the problems, and on Reddit. Individual users complained under a Reddit post that they had lost their only Galar Flegmon or a Galar Flegmon with perfect statistics due to the bug.

Niantic then wrote on Twitter after a while:

"Trainers, we have fixed the problem with Galarian Flegmon evolution. More details regarding compensation for affected trainers will follow soon. We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience."

What exactly the compensation looks like, however, Niantic has not yet revealed. Affected players will therefore have to be patient for a little while longer. Meanwhile, fans are demanding a refund for the lost Pokémon - in other words, a new Galar Flegmon. Whether Niantic will go along with this and give the trainers their lost Pokémon back or can return it is unclear in any case.


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