Crazy: The Pokémon TCG makes a whole Pokémon Go expansion

If that's not one money printing machine teaming up with another money printing machine to print even more money ... the folks at Pokémon Go and the makers of the Pokémon trading card game have announced a collaboration for the summer of 2022. Accordingly, there will be a Pokémon Go expansion for Pokémon TCG

in the sunshine months of this year. Exact contents are not yet known. However, provided you are fans of the look of Pokémon Go, then you are "in for a treat".

Pokémon TCG with the look of Pokémon Go

You can certainly expect more information on the Pokémon Go expansion of the Pokémon TCG later this year, but it is already clear that the cards will have the look of Pokémon Go. The draft of a booster packaging shows at least in basic outline what is meant by this. While the Pokémon designs and the look of Professor Willow admittedly come from the designers at Gamefreak and The Pokémon Company, the green-blue street grid familiar from Pokémon Go, the look of PokéStops and arenas, and a few other small elements admittedly come from Niantic.
This was the first Pokémon TCG map with Pokémon Go reference Source: Niantic / The Pokémon Company

What you can expect was also foreshadowed by a limited edition card of Professor Willow. This TCG-style "Professor's Research" card was released in July 2021 and was available to fans who bought the shirt for Go Fest 2021. The card, in turn, has a code printed on it that unlocks a special research from Professor Willow in Pokémon Go. The reward for completing it is an encounter with Meltan. Read also these interesting stories 0

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And the specifics of an entire expansion?

At the moment, we can only speculate which interesting cards the TCG expansion itself will offer - and whether the Pokémon Go expansion will ultimately have an impact on Pokémon Go via special codes. But what about you? Would you pick up the Pokémon TCG cards if goodies were in store for you in Pokémon Go?

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