Pokémon GO: Event Dragon Descent brings new Mon

December 2021 holds various surprises for the start of the season of origin in Pokémon GO. One of them follows Smoke Day with Squeak next week: the Dragon Descent. The special feature of this event is that fans can look forward to a new Pokémon, namely the dragon Shardrago.

Help Professor Willow explore Shardrago

The event, called Dragon's Ascent, begins on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, and lasts until Sunday, December 12, 2021, during which time you can help Professor Willow with his research on the dragon Pokémon Shardrago. Shardrago is a mon of the fifth generation. It has no evolutionary levels. Shardrago currently has the following attacks:

  • Dragon Rod (Instant Attack, Dragon Type)
  • Bite (Instant attack, Unlight type)
  • Dragon Claw (Charge Attack, Dragon Type)
  • Night Strike (Charge Attack, Unlight Type)
  • Hyper Beam (Charge Attack, Normal Type)

Shardrago's base stats currently look like this:

  • KP: 184
  • Attack: 213
  • Defense: 170
  • Max. WP: 3088/3125

To collect candies with Shardrago as your buddy, you'll have to cover a distance of five kilometers.

By the way, the developers haven't revealed many details about the event yet. However, we assume that you can look forward to a number of different bonuses related to the Einall region, which is also home to the legendary Dragon Staircase. It's likely that you'll see more Dragon Pokémon from Einall in the wild during the event. It's also conceivable that Niantic will get catch and trade bonuses again, or that you'll hatch certain eggs faster. As soon as we know more about these bonuses and possible field research tasks as part of the Dragon's Ascent, we will definitely inform you about it in a timely manner.

Source: my-MMO, PokemongohubSupport

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