Pokémon Go: The value of Shinys - and their devaluation

Not just since the announcement of Community Day in June 2021 in Pokémon Go, there's been a bitter discussion among fans of Niantic's pocket monster hunt that Shinys are visibly devalued. But with Kaumalat Community Day upon us, that debate is about to get all the more heated, because he who's found a Shiny Kaumalat in Pokémon Go so far could be mighty fond of it. Sure, it's all prestige and prestige, because Shinys don't have any real playable value; they're not stronger, nor do they have better attacks than their non-shiny brothers and sisters. But that doesn't mean you should underestimate the emotional value.

What is the value of a Shiny?

The writers of Pokémon Go Hub think so, too, and are exploring the question of how a Shiny's value can actually be measured. At the very least, emotional value is a big one. Do you remember the first Shiny you ever caught (away from a Community Day)? Mine was a wablu. Wablu suddenly wasn't blue, but glowed gold and yellow. I was absolutely blown away. My very first Shiny! And it was also one that was recognizable as such to the naked eye (I'm looking at you, Shiny Zapdos...).

The value of a Shiny is based on availability. Basically, a Shiny that wasn't yet available as part of a Community Day is worth more emotionally. And my Wablu was more valuable to me until May 15, 2021 than after - precisely because there was now Wablu Community Day and now everyone can walk around with drifty Shiny Wablu and Altaria in their Pokébox.

But the value of my Shiny Wablu is nothing compared to a Shiny Kapuno. Because Kapuno is extremely rare to find in the game (most of the time, anyway). And if it's another Shiny Kapuno you come across, it's like hitting the lottery with the right super number on it. Long story short: The value of a Shiny is always in the eye of the beholder. If, like kittypokemonsalot from Pokémon Go Hub, you're on the hunt for costumed Shiny Pokémon, then they might be more valuable to you than a Shiny Kapuno.

The devaluation of Shinys

How a Shiny's value is quantified by you is just as subjective as how a Shiny's value is devalued by a Community Day. This doesn't behave any differently than the common concept of supply and demand. Personally, I still value my Shiny Wablu after Community Day because it was my first Shiny. But now it's not rare, other trainers won't be happy about my First. Because anyone can have it now without getting mega lucky.

However, Pokémon Go is a game that, despite all the community experiences like Battle League and Raids, is still made for soloists. Shinys don't have a gameplay effect, so there's no real value to be measured for shinies. The value you personally place on a shiny remains the same in the end, right? The question is, shouldn't we be happy to see Pokémon that are a bit rarer than starters or metagame-uninteresting pocket monsters like Dartiri become part of Community Day?

I, for one, was also happy about the Kindwurm Community Day, because I didn't have Brutalanda before. And I'm happy about a Kaumalat community day. Because my collection really needs more dragons with rockets! That said, I also have to chime in at this point:

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