Pokémon Go: Raid bosses in February 2022 - currently with Deoxys & Shardrago

Update from February 16, 2022: Today in Pokémon Go, the Pokémon you currently find in the Raids have changed, and the next event in Pokémon Go to prepare for the Johto Tour is still a few days away. That's why in mid-February 2022, you'll find a lot of Unlight Pokémon but also Spirit Pokémon in Pokémon Go's Raids right now. And then also some fairy attackers? Why? Because you can currently find Deoxys (normal form) in the Tier 5 Raids, which can also be obtained as a Shiny if you're lucky. And in the best case scenario, you'll be able to give it a mighty helping of Spirit and Unlight Pokémon!

Below is the overview of the current raid bosses in February 2022; you can catch the pocket monsters marked with (+) as Shiny if you are lucky. It's not yet known when the Raid Pokémon will change, as the bosses supposedly won't change with the Johto preparation event.

Pokémon Go: Raid bosses up to date - February 2022

Tier 1 Raids
Traunfugil (+), Sniebel (+), Galar-Zigzachs (+), Puppance (+), Psiau (+).

Tier 3 Raids
Rizeros, Flunkifer (+), Zwirrklop, Shardrago (+)

Tier-5 Raids
Deoxys (normal form) (+)

Mega Ampharos (+)

Currently paused

Original news from February 10, 2022: The peaceful and commercial time of the year has begun, and Valentine's Day is also celebrated in Pokémon Go - with the appropriate event. Pokémon Go Valentine's Day 2022

is on, and with it, bosses are currently spawning in Pokémon Go's Raids that are, of course, inspired by Red Heart Day. Unfortunately, they are not the Pokémon that came into the game with the event; you won't find Flabébé, Florges or Floette in the Raids.

However, you can find Coiffwaff in the various difficult raid battles - if you don't have one yet, and by the way, thanks to the Valentine's Day event, you can also activate its Heart Cut. Also of special interest is Tier 5 raid boss Registeel, who you can catch as a shiny if you're lucky. And we should point out that Galagladi and Guardevoir are guaranteed to learn the Synchro Noise attack by February 14, 2022, both via Kirlia's progression and when you defeat them in the raid!

Pokémon Go Raid Bosses February 2022 - Current

Until (probably) February 16, 2022 at 10:00 AM, you'll find the following bosses in Pokémon Go's Raids. We have marked the Pokémon with a Shiny chance after the battle with (+).

Tier 1 Raids
Miltank (+), Roselia (+), Ohrdoch (+), Coiffwaff

Tier-3 Raids
Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Schlurp (+), Guardevoir, Galagladi

Tier 5 Raids
Registeel (+
)From February 16, 2022 Deoxys (Normal)

Mega Raids
Dogemon (+)

Currently paused

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