Pokémon Go: Raid bosses March 2022 - currently with Shiny Boreos

Trainers, celebrate the color festival and the Alola season in Pokémon Go ! And then, if you still have some puff left over from choreo gel hunting afterwards, you can devote yourself to the current Pokémon Go raid bosses in March 2022. In addition to the seemingly eternally recurring Shardrago and the still relatively new Wuffels, this time there is Boreos in the animal spirit form and ... it can be caught as Shiny! So if you want to add a new Shiny to your collection, don't just hunt Boreos (animal spirit form), but also take advantage of the legendary raid hour for Tornadus Therian on March 16, 2022 between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm ^^

Pokémon Go Raid Bosses March 2022 - Current

In the raids, you can currently find the following pocket monsters that you can kick butt. Which of them you will be lucky enough to get in front of your lens as a Shiny, we have marked with (+).

Tier 1 Raids
Pummeluff (+), Geckarbor (+), Flemmli (+), Hydropi (+), Wuffels (+)

Knogga, Alola-Knogga (+), Chaneira (+), Nachtara, Shardrago (+)

Boreos (animal spirit) (+)

Mega Raids
Mega Schlapor (+)

Currently paused

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Preview of Kapu-Fala?

Because the next special Alola season research will become available starting March 22, 2022, namely that to the Alola island of Akala, it can be assumed that the new Pokémon Kapu-Fala will become available in the raids starting March 22, 2022 at 10:00 am. However, this has not yet been confirmed by the developers at Niantic. Until then, you can still work on the special research A Mele Mele Adventure

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