Pokémon GO: Data miners find clues to leveling system for Pokéstops

Pokéstops play an important role in Pokémon GO - after all, we get free items via the rotation of their photo disc. However, the developers are probably planning a customization of the Pokéstops, which could make this feature even more interesting. The data miners at TheSilphRoad have discovered hints of a kind of leveling system for Pokéstops and arenas in the game's latest APK, details of which were revealed a few months ago.

Special bonuses for upgraded Pokéstops and Arenas

The APK's data suggests that players may be able to upgrade Pokéstops and arenas in the future so that they pay out certain bonuses to all players. It's not yet clear exactly how this upgrade will work, but it appears that there will be "Location Points" that players can add to a Pokéstop or Arena to upgrade it.

Players will presumably get Location Points by performing an AR scan of the associated POI or adding a photo. Also, trainers can probably add points by bringing the photo disc to a stop at the exact spot where it started spinning while spinning.

Upgraded Pokéstops and arenas grant certain bonuses, but they likely only last for a limited time. Once the bonuses have expired, players will apparently have to add new Location Points again to reactivate the bonuses. Pokéstops upgraded in this way will likely attract more Pokémon, while upgraded arenas will give you more Premier Balls in Raids.

If you're excited about this potential new feature, keep in mind that Niantic hasn't officially confirmed or announced the aforementioned new features yet. So it is quite possible that they will never find their way into the game or only in (significantly) modified form.

But we still want to know what you would think of such an upgrade feature. Write us your opinion about it in the comments!


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