The best computer games at the moment

In this list, you'll find the best PC games we're playing right now-refreshing singleplayer hits, booming esports, and some modern classics that would improve any library. We'll continue to update this list as new games release, removing older favorites and replacing them with our newest obsessions. Instead of constantly growing a list that goes deep into the past, we're trying to find a practical answer to the question, 'What new PC game should I get?

If you're looking for a more comprehensive list that includes our favorite games from the past few decades, check out our annual Top 100 list or our list of the most important PC games. To keep you up to date on upcoming games, we've rounded up new games from 2020. When it comes to budget options, check out the best free games on Steam and the best free browser games.

Need a new system to play these games? You can build a low-budget gaming PC for around $750, or our recommended mid-range PC for $1,000. If you want something that works out of the box, we also recommend some pre-built PCs.

New games we recommend
Doom Eternal (94%)
Half-Life: Alyx (92%)
Halo: Combat Evolved (85%)
Call of Duty: Warzone (82%)
Ori and the Will of the Wisps (81%)
It's rare to play 92% or higher, but two games joined that exclusive club just this month: Doom Eternal and Half-Life: Alyx. The big names in PC gaming history are not done yet, it seems.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty battles Warzone again, but this time for free, and it's worth a spin. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is just as great as its predecessor, and much bigger. And the Master Chief Collection has expanded again with the original Halo (actually a remastered version), and it's still good.

The full releases of Besiege and Kentucky Route Zero are also worth a look, and we really enjoyed our trip to Savage Planet and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Check out our reviews section for even more recommendations.

Our favorite games from last year

Above is a list of some of our favorite games from 2019, not all of which received one of our GOTY Awards, but all of which we recommend (listed in no particular order). We think everyone can get something from these games (except maybe Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers, which is fantastic but also requires a commitment to play through Final Fantasy 14 hell).

Below are recommendations for other recent and older games we love.

Competitive online games
Legends of Apex
Published: 2019 | Developer: Respawn | Origins | Our Review

Apex Legends is the best battle royale game currently available. The map is fantastic, the 'ping' communication system is something every FPS should have from now on, the weapons and movement are great fun (no running up walls, but sliding down hills feels great), and the game is free to play with nothing to pay for except cosmetics. It's not the game we expected from Respawn, but we're glad it's here. Check out James' review for more.

Rainbow Six Siege (Rainbow Six Siege)
Published: 2015 | Developer: Ubisoft Montreal | Humble Store, Steam | Our review

Counter-Strike's sexier cousin. Siege may lack the sharp hit detection and purity of CS:GO, but it's a more accessible and modern FPS that rewards clever timing and coordinated teamwork as much as it does aim. Siege's learning curve is a result of all the things (characters, gadgets, complex maps, and guns) that have been added since December 2015, but you'll eventually find yourself picking operators, map locations, and roles that you're comfortable with. Ubisoft continues to support Siege with four major updates throughout the year along with regular patches.

Published: 2016 | Developer: Blizzard | | Our Review

With Overwatch's colorful characters and bright, inclusive world, Blizzard has brought the world of team-based hero shooters to a whole new market. Teams of six take on a tank, DPS and healer to fight over objectives, not just who can get the most kills. This is a game that rewards - if not demands - teamwork. And with a growing cast of 27 heroes to choose from, there's a character to suit every play style.

Fortnite Battle Royale
Published: 2017 | Developer: Epic | Official Site | Free-to-play | Our Review

What started as a sterile imitation of PUBG has evolved into the arena shooter of the Minecraft generation. Fortnite's building system rewards good aim and an eye for architecture in equal measure, expanding battle royale shootouts from green pastures to improvised skyscrapers slapped together in a minute. With ridiculously frequent updates from Epic Games that introduce new weapons, traps, tools, and skins, Fortnite is easily worth the price of admission, and even then, it's worth taking the time to master such an outlandish, erratic building system.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Published: 2017 | Developer: PUBG Corp | Humble Store, Steam | Our review

100 murderous hopefuls jump on an abandoned island, grab whatever weapons and ammo they can find, and fight to the death. Rinse and repeat. While the concept wasn't new (PlayerUnknown itself is responsible for many battle royale modes and mods), PUBG made the battle royale genre the phenomenon it is today. As a third or first person shooter, PUBG is more realistic and less arcade-like than Fortnite. Its joy is that it forces players to move and take risks as an ever-shrinking force field funnels surviving players toward each other until the winner climbs out of the wreckage. Every moment of every game is a deluge of important decisions to make, and each one - even small ones - can lead to your doom.

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