Pokémon Go: Once again exclusive mon in region exclusive event

Regionally sponsored events are actually okay in Pokémon Go. There are a few items and the players who happen to be in the corresponding event zone can enjoy a few goodies. Sometimes, though, the folks at Pokémon Go development studio Niantic take it too far, I think. That was already the case with the very strange Verizon event in October 2020, which was not only limited to the United States of America, but to mobile provider Verizon customers to boot.

Exclusive to Verizon, 7Eleven Mexico and Yoshinoya in Japan.

Now, the next exclusive event is coming up, which will bring certain Pokémon increased to trainers and a Limited Research on top of that. This special weekend will be held on May 29 and 30, 2021, and is reserved for players who meet very specific requirements.

In the US, for example, you first join the exclusive Verizon Club. In Japan's Yoshinoya store, on the other hand, those interested are supposed to shop for at least 550 yen to get the promo code for this special Pokémon Go weekend. And what fans in Mexico have to do is unknown so far, because the promotional website isn't online (yet). Say: Somehow, paying a fee is always part of the deal, and in the case of this event, Niantic's sponsoring partners are getting sales. So, once again, interested fans are buying Pokémon. Once for having various Pokémon attracted to them by smoke. Once for having Icognito V, S, and Y, respectively, spawn in front of their Pokéball, depending on the region. And then there's ...

Temporary Research

Temporary Research gives you guaranteed encounters with Evoli, Parfi, Fluffy and - tadaaa - Kapuno. And there it is again, the rare Kapuno, serving as an incentive for an event that focuses mostly on Niantic's sponsor partners and spending money. Other players in our fair world are looking down the barrel anyway. Oh nope, wait, the event lets you open double the amount of gifts per day worldwide and the swap range is increased to 40 kilometers. Absolute madness.

Yes, I often complain about the amount of events Niantic fires off in Pokémon Go with the Confetti Cannon. In part precisely because these events are mostly pretty inconsequential. The Illuminating Legends are the first major event that's interesting again - and completely free, to boot. If I lived in Mexico or Japan, I would definitely go to one of the shops on the weekend of the event and leave my money there. Because then I'd at least have a 100% chance of getting Kapuno, which I - and probably other players - still have far too few of.

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