Pokémon GO: Niantic clears up confusion around gyms and Pokéstops

At the end of October, the massive synchronization of new waypoints including various additional arenas caused confusion in Pokémon GO. Was this a planned action by Niantic? After all, the placement of some arenas violated the waypoint rules of the developers. Now it's clear: It was an oversight, or more precisely, a database error.

Despite bugfix still 11.588 waypoints additional

Those responsible for the so-called Wayfarer program at Niantic, which is responsible for the allocation of waypoints, has commented in detail on the massive appearance of new arenas in Pokémon GO. They write about it in an official blog post:

"Without getting too technical, a database error was responsible for the accidental creation of about 45,000 waypoints, including mostly Pokéstops, some of them in places where they shouldn't be.We've fixed the bug and removed the waypoints that violated our rules. As part of that work, we also fixed another issue that affected waypoint synchronization. This resulted in an increase of 11,588 waypoints available worldwide.


So as a result of the database error, Niantic left a total of an additional 11,588 waypoints in the game worldwide, which apparently did not violate the rules. According to Niantic, nothing has changed in these rules - the team has merely implemented existing conditions for waypoints with the removal of some waypoints, according to their own statement.

Incidentally, those who had placed a Pokémon in an arena that was unauthorized as a result of the database error, which Niantic has since removed, will end up back in their trainers' inventories once the database maintenance is complete. So you don't have to worry about losing Pokémon placed in deleted arenas.


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