Pokémon Go: Marill this, Marill that ... what should we do with Marill?!

Marill is, after all, a pretty cuddly pocket monster in and of itself. Round, blue, fun looking. And it's also, as I'm assured by Pokémon Go players around the globe, a popular bomb in PvP. In Super League, Azumarill, Marill's evolution, is a can't-miss and serious opponent. Yeah, nice, I think to myself. But apart from that, casual players and PvP-avoiders like me couldn't care less about Marill and Azumarill. Why are there so many events in May where Marill is at least present, if not even the protagonist?

Limited research with Marill

The big bummer for me is just the fact that Marill got a Limited Research event in May 2021. A chance at 60+ Marill. Yay. I don't care. Now, what's even funnier is that the event was supposed to have taken place on May 9, 2021 - but already went off on May 7, 2021 and is now active for a whopping two days. As if the developers of Pokémon wanted to give us sufficient, no, even extensive the chance to get hold of Marill without end. Yes, this may excite some people, and I'm sure there are those who will tell me that I could ignore it.

I could, but I can't. At least not in the sense that there would have been over 700 other possible protagonists for Limited Research. Because Marill was also given his own battle day event in 2020. So why would Marill be the focus again "already" now?

Spotlight hour with Marill

Oh yeah, it doesn't stop there. Because in addition to Limited Research in May 2021 with Marill, there's also Spotlight Hour in May 2021 with Marill. On May 25 between 6:00pm and 7:00pm, Marill will appear more frequently in the wild. Yeah whoops. Now as if the developers of Pokémon Go couldn't have come up with a more fitting protagonist to Yveltal.

Actually, if we're being honest, this Marill double in May only leads to one conclusion: After Pokémon Go trainers were happy to have only two events coming up for a month (so were we, by the way), some bored employee at Niantic figured they could throw in some quick Limited Research - without inspecting the schedule of spotlight hours. Because, of course, as a Water and Fairy-type Pokémon, Marill fits the current Illuminating Legends X event. But ... there comes a time when too much is just too much.

Marill as far as the eye can see

Because in keeping with this special event, who's waiting for you in Tier 1 Raids? That's right, it's Marill, among others, who wants to slime his way into your collection with his cute looks and the promise of a slumbering Battle League supremacy. And look, oops! Azumarill can hatch from 5k eggs, too, of course! Do you have the field research to use ten berries when catching Pokémon? Do you get an encounter as a reward for that? Then congratulations, because it's Marill! The same goes for the Event Field Research, which requires you to capture five Fairy Pokémon. But at least there's only a 30 percent chance of catching Marill - it's also possible for Waumboll or Snubbull to run in front of your Pokéball.

Argh ey. If this is Niantic's "subtle" attempt to get me to play PvP, congratulations: it's not working. Instead, the marilly goings-on are driving my heart rate up to unimaginable heights.

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