Pokémon Go: Do you need stardust? Play the Parfi Spotlight Hour!

Do you have time at the Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour on February 8, 2022 and want to boost your stardust account? Then treat yourself! There won't be a Shiny Parfi at the Spotlight Hour with Parfi (yet) - we don't know what the Pokémon Go folks will come up with a few hours earlier, it was no different with Shiny Leufeo. But we do know, at least, that you'll benefit from the double Catch Stardust bonus between 6pm and 7pm on 08/02/2022. If that's not a good thing!

Use star piece for a little more stardust

So when the spotlight hour starts on Feb. 8, 2022, and you don't see much more than Parfi in the wilderness, have two stardust pieces ready; after all, the effect of a stardust piece lasts for 30 minutes and buffs your stardust income by another 50 percent

. And then it starts, the stardust round. However, you should make sure that you have enough Pokéballs in your pocket and enough space in your Pokébox so that you can collect all the Parfi. Because you only get the stardust when you catch them. Read also these interesting stories 0

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If you are less interested in the spotlight hour in Pokémon Go, then you can browse through our other articles on Niantic's pocket monster hunt. For example, theorycrafters have found out which Pokémon prefer to appear in the wild during the day and which ones prefer to appear at night . A look at our overview of the currently active Pokémon Go promo codes

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