Pokémon Go: Any trainer can now develop Calamanero!

Update from October 11, 2021: The developers of Pokémon Go have released Android version 0.221 (version 1.187 for iOS) of the game, allowing players whose devices do not have a gyroscope to turn an Iscalar into a Calamanero. The solution to the "turn upside down" mechanic is quite simple: If your gaming device does not have a gyroscope installed, all you have to do is invest 50 Iskalar candies in the development.

Apart from that, the new version of Pokémon Go includes all sorts of comfort adjustments and bug fixes. For example, the Pokédex now loads faster and some text windows have a darker background so that the texts are easier to read. Furthermore, Legios should no longer appear monstrously large in Raids, buddy Pokémon should no longer disappear from the world map after evolving, and you should not be shown gifts from friends who have not sent anything. Also good: A bug could previously cause you to be locked out of the account after your buddy evolved. This should no longer happen. All patch notes for Pokémon Go version 0.221 (or 1.187) can be found in English on the game's website.

Original news from September 29, 2021: In and of itself, the matter is as clear as mud, at least if you have been a fan of The Pokémon Company's pocket monsters for many years: As in the main Pokémon series, it is only possible to evolve the recently introduced pocket monster Iscalar into Calamanero in Pokémon Go if you turn your gaming device upside down. Because only then you can put the 50 Iscalar candies into the evolution and press the necessary button. However, there is a problem with this, as the developers at Niantic have discovered with some delay: What about Pokémon Go game devices that don't have a gyroscope built in?

No gyroscope, no Calamanero - so far at least

If you play Pokémon Go with a device that doesn't recognize that you're turning it upside down because it doesn't have a gyroscope, then you're currently looking down the tube if you want to develop Iscalar. You can see whether a gyroscope is installed when the device does not switch from portrait mode to landscape mode when you turn it by 90 degrees. The fact that there are devices without a gyroscope or players with older smartphone models also came to the attention of the creators of Pokémon Go about two weeks after the release of Iscalar, which is why they sent out the following tweet.

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If your gaming device does not have a gyroscope, then you will have to wait until the release of version 0.221 for an alternative development method for the rotation Pokémon to be brought into the game. Currently, you are playing Pokémon Go with version 0.219.1, which was released on September 8, 2021. Meanwhile, the folks at Niantic have not yet revealed when PoGo's APK 0.221 will become available.Support buffed - it will only take a minute. Thank you!

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