Pokémon Go: When Relaxo is more important than a robbery - two cops fired

A recent court document reveals that two Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers were fired for, among other things, playing Pokémon Go

. Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, patrol officers with a combined 28 years of service, were accused in a 2017 investigation of ignoring a commanding officer's request for assistance with a robbery in progress at a local Macy's. That consensual decision by the two patrol officers, in turn, was recorded by the dash cam in the pair's vehicle - and ultimately led to the officers' dismissal.

Attorneys for Lozano and Mitchell filed an objection to the use of the audio. They argued that using the footage as part of the official investigation into their conduct violated the protection of private conversations between officers. That appeal was denied on January 7, 2022, giving us an excellent glimpse into the funny events that unfolded in the police vehicle on that fateful day.

A slice of life on Pokémon patrol

Over the next 20 minutes, the Los Angeles Police Commission recorded officers talking about Pokémon as they drove to various locations where the virtual creatures appeared to be appearing on their cell phones. On the way to the Relaxo location, Officer Mitchell alerted Officer Lozano that "a Togetic just showed up" and noted that it was "in Crenshaw, south of 50th."

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After Mitchell apparently caught the relaxo - shouting, "I got her" - the officers agreed to "get Togetic" and drove off. When their car stopped again, the Los Angeles Police Commission recorded Mitchell saying, "Don't run. Don't run," while Lozano described how he "threw a hyperball at Togetic" before announcing, "I got him."

Mitchell explained that "he was trying to catch it," adding, "Holy crap, man. That thing is fighting me like crazy." Finally, Mitchell exclaimed, "Holy crap. Finally," apparently alluding to the Togetic's capture, and he remarked, "The guys are going to be so jealous." The officers then agreed to return to the 7-Eleven (where Sergeant Gomez later met them) to finish their watch. On the way there, Mitchell remarked, "I got you a new Pokémon today, buddy."

The officers involved had previously denied playing Pokémon Go - rather, they had only been talking about Pokémon Go. Dash cam footage was able to disprove that claim.

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