Pokémon No - or have you finally got a handle on event madness?

Whoa! When I studied the Pokémon Go announcements for May 2021, I was nearly blindsided. Because when I got to the "Upcoming New Events" section, aside from the already activated New Pokémon Snap event, I only saw two other events, namely I lluminating Legends X and Illuminating Legends Y. Oops, what happened? Where are the twelve thousand events that have been absolutely overworking and overwhelming Pokémon Go players for years? Has sanity finally entered the minds of Pokémon Go's creators?

Less is more, Niantic

Those of you who have been following my Pokémon Go journey have heard me whine several times about how the sheer amount of events in Pokémon Go is too much. It's now to the point where events overlap in time, bugs and features get in the way, and there's not even a week where there's nothing to do in Pokémon Go.

What's missing is a break for once. Because players absolutely lose track of regular events like Community Day, Friendship Day, Spotlight Hour, Legendary Raid Hour et cetera pp when they collide almost simultaneously with the many special events. The result: absolute sensory overload and a growing unwillingness to even turn on Pokémon Go.

Pokémon No

After playing Pokémon Go extensively in 2020 and participating in every event imaginable, I ran out of steam by the end of the year. Because there was absolutely nothing special about all the great events anymore, just more of the same, and that got boring. And because the developers at Niantic sometimes promised things that they didn't bring into the game - probably because they themselves completely lost track.

The so-called "lack of oversight" has culminated for several weeks now in sometimes glaring game bugs. Affected are basic mechanics and game systems, such as the lucky eggs or the meanies of Team Rocket. It's not like Pokémon Go has ever been free of bugs. But lately, the problems have been piling up, and it's now regularly arousing the displeasure of the most hardcore of hardcore fans with somnambulistic certainty.

Two-week events?

Most events in Pokémon Go last for five days, or maybe a week. With Illuminating Legends X and Illuminating Legends Y, two two-week events are now coming in May 2021. Good thing. Finally give players another chance to do Temporary Research in a reasonable amount of time, and then make that research a bit more significant, both in terms of rewards and tasks.

Because it's not the doing nothing in Pokémon Go that's the absolute killer, it's the complete overload and lack of creativity. Sure, a two-week event runs the risk of a lower interaction rate in the second half - but the folks at Niantic take care. In the first week, players complete tasks that unlock valuable bonuses in the second week.

I, for one, at least hope that the developers of Pokémon Go start to realize that constantly shooting events with a confetti cannon is dulling. Events should be special, not make me roll my eyes in irritation.

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