Pokémon Go: Johto ticket purchased? Then don't forget the challenges!

Trainers. Have you purchased the Johto Tour Event Ticket in Pokémon Go? If so, don't forget to log in to the game at specific times to access Spark's Temporary Research XP Challenge in January 2022 and Candela's Catch Challenge in February 2022!

If you haven't yet grabbed your Johto Tour event ticket in Pokémon Go, you can check out our guide to the Season of Origin Temporary Researches to see if the promised rewards are worth it in your eyes - that is, if you'll want to grab a ticket based on them. Spoiler: Most fans don't think the Johto Tour ticket is worth it for the Temporary Research. But that's for everyone to decide. In this respect: If you have already bought the ticket, then pay attention to the following timings!

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Log in until 10.01.2022 for XP challenge

The developers of Pokémon Go remind you that you have to decide to buy the ticket by a certain date and then log into the game to get the research. If you want to play the XP challenge in January 2022, you must have purchased the Johto Tour ticket and logged into Pokémon Go by January 10, 2022.

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Log in by 10.02.2022 for catch challenge

If you don't care about the XP challenge, maybe you don't care about the catch challenge in February 2022. For Candela's Temporary Research, you must have purchased the Johto Tour Ticket and logged into Pokémon Go by February 10, 2022. If you run into problems and the research doesn't show up even though you bought the ticket, contact the folks at Niantic via Twitter or in-game support.

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